Electronic Cigarettes For Women (with starter accessories kits) Review

electronic cigarettes for womenOK, I am a guy, so I cannot really say I have tried these, but they certainly look great.

Here is the vaping starter kit, (the top end one with all the accessories). At the VaporCouter website, which is a female niche brand from V2, thereelectronic smokeless cigarettes for women are a range of starter kits that have accessories from the top end of the range the Maximale Kit above through to the cheaper priced Essentiel below

ecigarettes for women

Also, if you don’t want to get all the accessories as you’d just like to try out the e cigarette to see if you like it first then get the basic kit, the Entree kit for $39 (US dollars which is about $43 Aussie dollars) pictured here:entree kit from vaporcouture

You can have a look at all of these starter kits at their website at http://www.vaporcouture.com

If you want to check out the video covering the range (I cannot put it on my website here so it will open in a new window) click the video image right:e cigarette video for women


If you are not really so concerned about having a feminine look to your e cigarette you can always have a look at my other reviews of regular electronic cigarettes here


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Or for The Standout:


The top pick from the rest. Why, because of the quality of the vape, which gives you a thick rich inhale, and this is what we want as a smoker. Plus, the flavor is really close to ‘the real thing” ie a tabacco cigarette.

You can get them here at http://vaporzone.com

And to find out how to get them delivered to Australia please check out my page at “e cigarettes delivered to Australia”