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You can find the South Beach Smoke e cigarette review video just below, with a comparison to Bull SmokeV2 and Smoke Free electronic cigarettes. South Beach is one of the most popular top rated brands, with really nice high quality products.

South Beach Flavors

Pictured below you can find some of the flavors they have for you to choose from. Coming in a variety of strengths, they have 0mg nicotine up to 24mg nicotine.

The cartridge flavors range is:

  • Tobacco Blue
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Peppermint
  • Pina Colada
  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Menthol
  • Tobacco Classic


South Beach Portable Charging CaseUpdate: I was talking to a friend at a party about e cigs, and he was smoking his favourite brand. We got talking about e cigs and he tried out a few of these. South Beach Smoke was undisputably his #1 flavor right up. Then we had a look at the Portable Carrying Case, and once he checked out a few of its features, and then he said he was convinced, when he buys his first electronic cigarette, it’s going to be South Beach Smoke, because he wants to get one of those cases.

Here is a quick video about it, check it out here.

Update 2: I was talking to someone else about e cigs (people are always asking me about them when they see me smoking them: great ice breaker lol…), and let him try out the South Beach e cig, with the regular tobacco flavor, and when compared to Green Smoke and V2, they were his favorite, although he did really like the thick vape feel of the Green Smoke.
South Beach Smoke E Cig

South Beach Smoke runs a cool product line, with their good packaging, and real quality e cigarettes with accessories. As for the actual e cigs, the batteries (which looks like the cigarette part) have a good weight to them, which is a bit heavier than some other brands, and it pays off because their batteries have a really good life, lasting longer than other average e cigarettes, and is right up there with or perhaps even better than the Green Smoke brand. Not much in it by comparison there.

their website is reall cool too, really nicely designed and pretty easy to use. Here above is a nice image from their website in which they describe all the aspects of their product range.

The starter kits, (they actually carry a couple starter kits), range from a very basic starter kit right up to the quality full kit Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit which has all you need and more.

Checkout their website:

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 Watch the video review: