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My friend Kacey Jones passed on September 1, 2016. I will not say she lost her battle with cancer. She is free and at peace. We are the ones who have lost.

We will always have her love, humor and body of work to keep her close at hand.



Okay Friends,
With your help, I'm ready to take this new "Donald Trump's Hair" music video VIRAL! Please "Like" this video and then be sure to PLAY it on YouTube at least once so we'll get credit for the plays. I would love for you to share it as many times as you want! For those who've not heard the song, it is not a mean-spirited piece. And, if you've ever seen The Donald on Letterman or Comedy Central, you know he has a good sense of humor about his unique coif. So, let's have FUN with this! I'm a lucky gal to have the love and support of friends like you.
Thank you! xoxo



"The irrepressible Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kacey Jones returns with "Donald Trump's Hair," a new collection of uproarious songs including "Christmas in Rehab," "Whatever Happened to Kenny Rogers' Face" and the title song, dedicated to what sprouts from the financier's fantastic follicles. Highly recommended!"
----Music Connection Magazine / Los Angeles







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