e Cigarette Coupon Codes Discounts and Specials

Here are some electronic cigarette coupon codes for different brands of e cig. I have got specific deals with certain e cig companies that offer various special discounts and savings for you.

UPDATES: coupon codes are currently unavailable as of Oct 2018

See my coupon codes and additional ways to save some money when buying online below:

For your V2 Cigs purchase:

Enter this code XXXX at checkout at their site http://v2cigs.com for 15% off starter kits!

Enter this code XXXs at checkout at their site http://v2cigs.com for 10% off storewide!

For your Green Smoke discount code:

Enter this code XXX at their site http://greensmoke.com for 10% off orders $99.97 and up!

For Volcano Cigs:

Get a whopping 25% off the Volcano Disposable eCig!

Go to : VolcanoEcigs.com and put in coupon code: XXXXX

For an amazing 25% Off Volcano Express Kit

Go to : VolcanoEcigs.com and enter coupon code: vXXX5

For the South Beach Smoke deal:

Click on this link (which goes to the South Beach Smoke Website) and save 10% on Starter Kits

(this South Beach Smoke discount code link places the discount directly into the checkout system).

For Bull Smoke discounts and specials:

Enter the code PXXXXXXE for 20% off all Bull Smoke products for a limited time at http://bullsmoke.com


* Some money saving secret they sure want to keep secret *

When you refill the cartridges with some e liquid, you’ll save a lot more! At this point only V2 has come forward with a deal, offering their own refill liquid, and they also carry blank cartridges for the refill too.

I got some of the V2 Platinum Red Liquid, and made a video getting it ready and refilling some empty cartridges. You can check out the video here.


My friend told me what she saves now, for maintenance and her vaping, in fact she only spends around 25-50 cents a day, give or take a few cents, and considering the Tax you can spend on cigarettes it would now cost me more than $20 to keep up my 2 pack a day habit and that is why she swears by going with electic gigarette refills, so I thought “why not!!” as how can I lose, and if I cut my real cigarette smoking by 50%, I will save more than $10 a day, which is around $300 a month, which is a mortgage payment on almost a $100,000 loan, working out at $3,600.00 per year. Think about that, you could save the interest you pay on your home loan to the tune of almost $100,000 of the mortgage you have just by trying these out and saving $10 per day!

That’s what I call a brilliant financial move…..