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By David Cannell

I’ve been using my Green Smoke e cigarette starter kit for a few months now and I really like it, so I’ll start this review based on the couple of flavours in their cartomizer range that I’ve tried out.

Green Smoke Battery I have delved into Green Smoke more than other brands, and now I have done some in depth comparisons to ther brands as well, and Green Smoke is one of my absolute top picks for electronic cigarettes, and currently I would say it is my top pick and is the brand I am currently using (see my homepage image). Absolute Tobacco is my personal favorite flavour from Green Smoke, along with occassionally the Menthol Ice flavour.


You can see below  the Express Kit, which is how I started with this brand. I will probably order another battery, but when you order online, if you buy enough cartridges you get a battery or two for free. If I were starting out again I would probably order the Classic Starter Kit because having an extra battery is really useful as you can have one charging while the other is in use. I now have about 5 batteries as I have ordered enough smokless e cig cartridges to get a few freebies. I charge overnight and have a full wad of batteries charged in the morning so I can vape without worrying about not having a charged battery. They have a very cool carry case to keep charged batteries in when you are out (more on that below)

I have also tried the Tobacco Gold, Menthol Ice and Red Label  and Mocha, and am quite pleased with them all but for me the standout is Absolute Tobacco for the pure cigarette taste.

** My favorites, in order would be:

  • Absolute Tobacco 24%
  • Red Label 18%
  • Tobacco Gold 24%
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mocha

** You can check out  the full list below

Visit the website at:

Express Kit


There are quite a few cool things about Green Smoke when compared to some of the other e cigs that I have tried out. One of the best out features is how long the cartomizers last.

When compared to some other brands that I’ve tried they seem to last much longer. Actually  I get close to  6-8 or so hours out of my Green Smoke cartomizer, and I use it quite a lot, as I’m a pretty heavy vaper.

Both the Absolute Tobacco Flavor and the Red Label taste really goo and are  similar to real cigarettes. Some people think that they have a slightly sweet taste to them, which personally I enjoy, but I wouldn’t quite call it sweet.

For a more in depth comparison and how they stand up against V2 have a look at  comparison video down below.

Green Smoke also give off a excellent amount of vape, quite a lung full, and the best of any I have tried. It is also the thickest vape of the brands. Some reviews that counter this, and perhaps Green Smoke has upgraded since the other reviews, because my feeling is it is the most satisfying in terms of full vape experience being much like a draw on a real cigarette. This may not be for everyone, but vape thickness is very imortant I feel. I had a friend try a Green Smoke at a party. She took one draw and said it wasn’t like a cigarette. then I showed her how to draw properly, more slowly that a normal cigarette and for slightly longer. She was amazed, and on the second hit she said it was just like a real cigarette. I feel that is to do with the quality of the vape.

The throat hit is great, and is a real substitue for a cigarette.

Also the battery has a good life to it too. The battery is a bit bigger than some other brands and weighs slightly more too, So that will be an issue for some people but it just depends on your preference. For me it’s fine and I like the longer charge I get with it. In fact you can get a long battery and a short battery, although they do draw slightly differently. Plus you can get one that glows red, like a real cigareete, or one that glows green, which is handy if you want people from a distance to know you are not actually smoking a cigarette (you’d be surprised how often people think I am actually smoking a cigarrette, so the green can be handy so as not to cause any unwanted attaention).

Green Smoke is rated very highly amongst e cig vapers and I understand why. I can easily recommend it to anyone looking for a top quality e cig which resembles real cigarettes, or who wants good quality and a proven product.

I’d recommend trying a few other flavors in the range to see which you like the best. I have enjoy a number of different flavors as I mentioned above.

I always loved my original brand of cigarettes and never switched, but now, and I am not exactly sure why, but I can truly say that prefer the taste of Green Smoke over a cigarette, it doesn’t leave me nauseous, with bad breath or my clothes smelling. Big bonus if you ask me.

One downside is that  they you can’t get a the refill option for the cartridges, (I mean refilling them with a Green Smoke e liquid), which would  help to cut costs when compared to  V2 Cigs which has refill liquid and and full in depth video tutorial on who to refill.

However, that said, their cartridges do last a lot longer than the others I in my experience, and you get a  thicker vape, so you just have to decide. (Or use both V2 and Green Smoke).

Here’s one way to use both, whenever I am travelling, which is quite frequently, I take along Green Smoke in preference all others, because both the batteries and cartridges last longer. Then when you want to economise, and can have the time and place to do refills, say when you are at home, you can switch to V2.

The other  downside is that they are not the cheapest brand you can get. If money is a major deciding factor, then you can check our page on the cheapest e cigs here. But it is just like with actual cigarettes, different brands cost more, other brands are cheaper. Youu cut your cloth according to your priorities. Personally I feel Green Smoke is worth the extra cost as it really is a premium e cigarette.

The plus side is you will still save money anyway over smoking real cigarettes if you supplement your smoking even with these.

The kits range from  US$29.99, for the absolute bare essentials, and go up to $50.99 for the Express Kit. You can check out the chart comparison directly below for a more specific side by side price comparison.

The comparison below is a for Green Smoke kits. If you want to see how they stack against some other top brands like V2, BullSmoke and South beach Smoke, as in the price of the basic kits, and what come with each, check out our basic starter kit comparison page here.

On the whole they are an excellent e cig, and could be called the Rolls Royce brands of electronic cigarettes, they also come with a range of cool accessories like the carrying cases, with beautifully designed batteries, and you won’t go wrong with Green Smoke, you can just have a look at their the customer reviews at their website.

Their Site:

Here’s the review video so you can check the basic components and many other aspects too:



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Love Birds Kit

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Here is a video from Green Smoke: