Why are ecigs so popular in Australia

E cigarettes have become immensely popular in recent years, and Australia is no exception to this. Many people are trying to quit smoking, but finding methods to do so without the use of nicotine is nearly impossible. There are several different methods that are available to help a smoker completely give up tobacco, and the cigarettes have been at the forefront of many of these methods. Vaping e-liquids are another way that smokers in Australia are attempting to quit smoking. These are liquids contain the same ingredients as cigarettes, but do not contain any nicotine and are not harmful to your body.

However, there are fears that the vapor from e-liquids may be just as harmful as the smoke created from the actual burning of the cigarettes. This is because e-liquids may contain any of the nicotine that is found in cigarettes, and the e-liquid chemicals can linger in the throat and mouth for up to hours after you have finished smoking, putting you at risk for getting cancer. The concern about e-liquids is not only based on the health risks, but also because of the dangers that are posed by the chemicals that are used to make the e-liquids.

Because they are still considered a tobacco product, e-liquids are not subject to the same regulations that cigarettes are. This means that they can be more dangerous than regular vapes, since the chemicals used to create them are not regulated like the standard cigarettes. These chemicals can irritate the skin and in some cases can cause cancer. In order to be safe, it is recommended that e-liquids and vapes are kept far away from children. Because they are less dangerous than regular cigarettes, it is easier for kids to give up smoking once they try e-liquids.