E Cigarette Reviews – The Top 6 E Cigs Brands For 2018

Smokless E Cigarette Reviews – The Top 6 E Cigs Brands 2018 (we have been running our reviews since 2013)

By Kacey Jones

My reviews of the 5 best smokeless e cigarettes in 2018. These my actual e cigarette reviews, and I’ve created a top 6 list for you.

But before the rest of my top six list – the standout winner Vaporfi – this is my number one selection.

#1 You can find my review of VaporFi here


2. V2 Cigs – My V2 Cigs review (Has a great all around product and flavor )

Visit the V2 Cigs Website

3. South Beach Smoke – My South Beach Smoke review (Excellent product and flavor)

Visit the South Beach Smoke Website

4. Green Smoke – My Green Smoke review (Great product and flavor – My #1 Favourite and what I’m vaping right now)

Visit the Green Smoke Website (no longer available in Australia – sorry)

5. Bull Smoke – My Bull Smoke Review (Competitive prices – great product)

Visit the Bull Smoke Website

6. Halo – My Halo G6 review (Also a great product – with a very good battery life)

Visit The Halo Cigs Website for Halo e cigs

There are also a lot of other brands that I would say are quite good, however these brands stick out for a few reasons I feel. Perhaps the primary reason is of course the real cigarette flavour and the quality of the vape (you will know what I mean when you try, you want to replicate the experience of drawing on a cigarette), and as any smoker will tell you, quality and flavor come first.

Then there are some points relating to power with brands like Halo and Bull Smoke, in terms of battery life and charging. Plus price is a consideration of course in the equation. Each brand does in fact have a slightly distinctive flavor, quality of vape, touch and feel, weight, appearance etc. So why not try at least a couple of different brands if you aren’t completely satisfied with the first one you try.

Even if you just consider supplementing your smoking with these brands, you will still be able to save some money: dollars in your pocket in these tight times!