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To start this review of Bull Smoke, I need to point out that it will be the price of their starter kits is really difficult to match, let alone beat, so if you are working on a budget, get one of these, while they are still as cheap as this. A good thing about a market that is so cometitive as is the smokeless ecigs market right now, is that companies almost give stuff away to win brand loyalty.

Bull SmokeUpdate: I got a Bull Smoke Ranch Hand Kit, and it is the cheapest starter kit by far at $29.95 (which comes in at about 50% of what others charge on average) and here is a video unpacking it. You can check out that video here if you want a look inside the kit.

This is the kit pictured above.

You can also have a look at their City Slicker Kit at bullsmoke.com, and it is the same price. (at $29.99 that’s very cheap!)

They have a good flavour selection, and we list them here as they do on the site, just for your convenience. Their flavours are bold and strong, and is a range that I really like too.

They are really are a ‘No Frills’ brand, and offer all that you need to get started, at the best price you can find. There are options with the battery, and you can get the Kentucky Battery, which is longer lasting, by as much as 50% more.

Their New Buckshot Disposable:

Buckshot Disposables


Limited Time Offer – You Can Get A Disposable For 5 Bucks On Their Site:


Buckshot Special


Here are the Bull Smoke Flavors which are listed on their website:

Bull Smoke Flavors

This, below, is a review of Bull Smoke smokeless electronic cigarettes, and also a comparison with other smokless electronic cigarette brands, with some tips to help you chose which one you want to try.

Visit can visit their website at : BullSmoke.com




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