How To Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges

How To Refill V2 Cigs Cartridges

I just received my V2 Cigs Platinum e liquid. I’ve had the empty cartridges for a week or so, and the e liquid must have been backordered. I’m pumped since I was just about out of cartridges.

Right after it arrived, I shot a video and demonstrated how to refill the cartridges, with a few tips. This is a great way to save money once you start e puffing away.

Right on their site, they have the refill liquid, and if you click on any of them, scroll down the bottom for the how to page, where there are a few ways they show how you can refill the cartridges.

I demonstrated the simple way, with a common household item (A.K.A. a fork).

Every e cig I have used so far is refillable this same way.

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