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My current favorite ecig.


I’ve had the Blu Cigs basic starter kit for a few weeks and am finally doing our review on it. Being one of the most well known brands I was looking forwards to getting it.

Once I did, I had already tried Green Smoke, and a couple Joyetech e cigs, such as the 510, eGo, and eGo Twist, and Blu Cigs weren’t one of my favorites, for a couple reasons.

Blu Starter KitThe Pros and Cons

First off, they do make a very sharp product that has some aspects that probably are perfect for a bunch of people, and some very cool celebrity endorsed marketing campaigns, but they aren’t what I like in an e cig.

The batteries are very compact and light, and in turn, they wear out quite fast. I like batteries that last a while so I’m not always charging them, since I’m a pretty heavy vaper.

At the same time, they made a really cool portable charging case, and it holds a charge, so that is very convenient, and like the actual Blu Cigs, it too is very light weight, and well made.

Then with the flavors, they are made by Johnson Creek, again not my kind of thing. They are very subtle and smooth, and have a very light throat hit.

I like a nice throat hit, and I like to be able to taste it. It may be my worn out taste buds from smoking, but they don’t have very much flavor.

Other brands like South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs have much better throat hits, and more pronounced flavor.

They are great with their packaging, aesthetics, and creating a compact product, and if you like cool neon blue, then you’ll love how the tips and charging components all light up that blue color.

But if you like a nice throat hit, some good flavor, and a battery that lasts a while, then Blu Cigs may not be your thing.

I have spoken with some people and they did like them, and if you’ve done a bit of looking around, they are pretty much everywhere, and are well known, like my neighbor for example said he really likes them.

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Here’s a video about the Blu Starter Kit with a bit of detail about the kit, with the flavors and charging case: