I’m just a guy who enjoys e cigs, and made this website so as to help anybody like me who may be looking for a good e cig.

When starting out, this whole e-cig business can be quite confusing, with atomizers, batteries, e liquid, carrying cases, starter kits, promos, special flavours, and then there are products that look something like a huge piece of plastic in your mouth!!

When the ads start talking about about the zillions of flavors, and the different ways you can vape with your devices, you feel like you will go crazy with confusion!!!! All you want to know is if they are good, and hit that smoking ‘spot’ of satisfaction when you draw on them.

…I made this website just to get clear on some of the basics, and offer my genuine reviews which come from my experience (Check out My YouTube channel for our video reviews). As you can see, I vape, and I love it, it is fun compared to real cigarettes, of course it is a bit addictive when trying out some of the different flavors, and then moving on the more complicated stuff, and I still have lots more to try out. I first up went for the best rated brands and the easiest to get hold of, just for my own personal preferences and convenience, then I decided to make this site to help everyone explore e-cigs and so started exporing everything on the market!

Who Is Kacey Jones?

Age: Well I was a smoker for many, many years!

Work: Small Business Owner and former educator and before that a lab technician, who now works online using the Internet.

State: NSW

Interests: Work, sport (soccer), fitness and health, music, watching EPL.

Favorite Quote: “Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity”