Disposable E Cigarettes | Electronic Cigarette Reviews

The disposable e cigs are a great option, and are the easily accessible smokeless cigarette option for most people at least at first.

Zig Zag DisposableMost people tend to try out the same brands, namely Njoy, Blu Cigs and Logic, V2 and my favourite Vaporfi.

So I decided I would try out some of the disposables that are on the market, to see how they shape up in terms of flavour.

I intend to try some more out, and so far I have tried out the Green Smoke, V2 Red disposable, South Beach Regular flavor, Zig Zag (pictured above), Logic and the Njoy King.

If you are going out, or you have a busy lifestyle and need e cigs on the go, these are a good alternative to rechargables, and are very convenient, and for me this is what I need.

Some Top Picks:

V2 Cigs Red DisposablesThe V2 was really good, and was really close to the experience of the rechargeable ones, but the flavor was off not quite the same. I sometimes use these for mere convenience, although if you are lloking at your budget, refill cartridges and rechargables will save you more money.

The above are available at: v2cigs.com

The Njoy King was also pretty good. It was pretty close to the real tobacco taste of a cigarette, and I would use them again since I’ve tried out a few more recently that I can compare them to.

The Logic I am currently trying out. It is similar to a rechargeable one in weight, and also the battery looks quite like a rechargeable battery, so it is a good option.

Others Which Really Stand out:

The South Beach and Green Smoke were both good regular flavour ecigs.

A disposable would be the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to try out just one e cig, although if you actually like it and keep using them, then it’s they are no longer as cheap as the rechargable and refillable e cigarettes.

Many claim to equal to a full pack of cigarettes. However, the may be in terms of their nicotine content, but I couldn’t say the are equal in terms of satisfaction to a full pack of regular cigarettes if you compare to just a single disposable, or for that matter even a single disposable cartridge. In my opinion from experience, 1 pack of regular cigareets is probably closer to 2 or 3 cartridges, or disposables e cigs.


Here are some of the available options for disposables:


Bull Smoke

Buckshot Disposables


Available at the website : bullsmoke.com


Zig Zag Menthol

Zig Zag Menthol Disposables


Available at the website: v2cigs.com


South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Disposables

Available at the website: southbeachsmoke.com


Green Smoke (my personal favourite)


Green Smoke Disposables


Available at the website: greenmoke.com


Zig Zag Tobacco

Zig Zag Disposables


Available at the website: v2cigs.com


V2 Menthol

V2 Cigs Menthol Disposables

Available at the website: v2cigs.com