The 3 Most Innovative E-Liquid Flavours of All Time

The 3 Most Innovative E-Liquid Flavours of All Time

The scope of the flavour experiences that vaping offers has changed to an immeasurable degree in the little over a decade that the industry has existed. Although the purpose of vaping has always been to provide smokers with an alternative option for nicotine consumption that’s just as satisfying while being less risky, the developers of the original e-liquid flavours were incorrect when they guessed that most vapers would prefer tobacco and menthol vape juices.

When vaping got really big – and new e-liquid brands began to launch around the world – the first thing that almost all of those brands did was completely abandon the notion that vapers want e-liquids that taste like cigarettes. You can use any combination of food-grade flavours that you like, but you’re never going to get an e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette. You can, however, make a vape juice that tastes like almost anything else – and that’s exactly what the e-liquid makers of the world have done.

Every year, an e-liquid company somewhere in the world develops a new flavour that completely redefines the trends of the industry and gets everyone in the community excited about vaping all over again. Although naming all of the most influential e-liquid flavours in a single article would be impossible, we’ll give you a brief history of the industry’s ground-breaking developments to date with this brief list of the 3 most innovative e-liquid flavours of all time.

Fruit and Menthol

The most innovative e-liquid flavour of the past few years is undoubtedly the fruit-and-menthol blend. While one can make the argument that most of the trendy flavour profiles that have defined the vaping hobby have come out of the United States, the fruit-and-menthol profile is a major exception.

After the United States and the United Kingdom, Malaysia is the world’s third-largest vaping market. Malaysians absolutely love menthol; it’s a natural fit for the tropics. Malaysian e-liquid companies like Nasty Juice and Horny Flava earned names for themselves – and secured worldwide distribution deals – by adding menthol to just about every flavour profile they created. Everyone who tried those e-liquids absolutely loved them.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Charlie’s Chalk Dust has become one of the biggest vape juice brands in the world, and they’ve gotten to where they are by offering some of the most inventive flavour profiles that the world has ever seen. One of Charlie’s early classics was an e-liquid called Peanut Butter & Jesus. PB&J is sadly out of production today, but it was truly revolutionary at the time of its release.

The reason why PB&J was such an influential e-liquid was because, until it came out, most people thought that creating a believable peanut butter and jelly e-liquid was impossible. All of the peanut flavours that were available from the flavour purveyors were fine for enhancing the taste of something that contained actual peanuts, but in an e-liquid, the flavour tasted far too artificial. Somehow, Charlie’s Chalk Dust cracked the code and created a vape juice that tasted almost like real peanut butter and jelly – and the e-liquid makers of the world used that as inspiration to create new blends inspired by real culinary experiences.

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Cereal and Milk

There was a point not too long ago where cereal e-liquid was absolutely everywhere. Just like the peanut butter and jelly fad started by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, it was a real revelation when someone realized that you could get an extremely realistic cereal e-liquid flavour by combining a toasted grain note with a note of creamy milk.

The combination of toasted grains and milk became a base that spawned a host of different cereal e-liquid variations. Of those, the flavour of “fruity loops” cereal was probably the most popular – but companies also created an enormous variety of other cereal flavours such as cinnamon toast cereal, peanut butter cereal and frosted flakes.