Why Is It So Important to Keep Your Vape Coils and Atomizers Clean?

Learning how to clean a vape coil is, without a doubt, one of the most important things that you can do if you want to maximize the quality of your vaping experience. To understand why that’s the case, you only need to consider the common problems and annoyances that you experience as a vaper. Are you unhappy with the flavor quality that you get from your e-liquids, herbs and herbal concentrates? You can alleviate that problem by cleaning your coils and atomizers. Are your daily vaping expenses becoming uncomfortably high? That, too, is easily resolved by making coil cleaning a regular part of your vaping routine because it’ll help your equipment last longer before it requires replacement.

Reading this article, you’re going to learn why it’s so important to keep your vape coils and atomizers clean. After we explain why coil cleaning is so important, we’ll describe how to do it. Let’s begin!

Cleaning Your Coils Is Best for Flavor

Within your first few days or weeks of owning a vaping device, it’ll become abundantly clear to you how a dirty coil affects flavor. If you use nicotine e-liquid – which is almost always heavily sweetened with sucralose these days – you’re going to begin tasting an exaggerated sweetness after just a day or two of using a new coil. As you continue using the coil, the sweetness will give way to an unpleasant flavor that tastes like burnt, overcooked sugar. When you remove the coil from your tank, you’ll see that the heating surface is covered with a layer of residue that looks dark and sticky.

If you use an atomizer or tank for herbal products like dry herbs and concentrates, the story is the same. After you’ve been vaping for a while, your device will have a layer of residue that makes your expensive herbs and concentrates taste like cigarette butts – not good.

No matter what your preferred vaping material is, you’re going to experience residue buildup and unpleasant flavors after you’ve been using your device for a while. The only way to resolve that is by keeping your equipment clean or replacing it – and replacing your coil or atomizer constantly can become expensive very quickly.

Cleaning Your Coils Is Best for Your Health

Have you ever really thought about what you’re inhaling when your coil or atomizer is old and covered with residue? If you use nicotine e-liquid, you’re inhaling the remnants of burnt sucralose. If you use dry herbs or herbal extracts, you’re inhaling smoldering plant material. Either way, you’re inhaling compounds that you were specifically trying to avoid when you made the decision to switch from smoking to vaping. You made the switch because you wanted to get as far away from combustion as you possibly could. When you vape with a dirty atomizer coil, though, you’re getting much closer to combustion than you want.

Cleaning Your Coils Will Make Your Vape Gear Last Longer

Regardless of whether you use your vaping equipment for e-liquid, herbs or concentrates, there is one thing that all vaping products have in common: Replacement parts are expensive. If you’re a nicotine vaper who enjoys heavily sweetened e-liquids, you probably find that you need to replace the coil in your vape tank every day or two to maintain maximum flavor quality. Vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates tend to be a bit more permanent, but that only means that they’re even more expensive when it’s time to replace them. Either way, your expenses can get out of control very quickly if you’re constantly buying new coils or atomizers.

The thing you need to know about maintaining your vaping equipment, though, is that the presence of residue on your atomizer coil doesn’t mean that the coil itself is bad. It’s a bit like cooking food in a pan. If you overcook the food, you’ll end up with residue in the pan. The residue may be a little difficult to remove, but it doesn’t mean that you need to throw the pan away. If you remove the residue, the pan is still perfectly good.

The principle is the same with a vape coil. There are only three things that can ruin a vape coil permanently.

  • The residue is so thick and baked on that it’s no longer possible to remove it.
  • The heating wire is broken or has some other form of physical damage.
  • The coil’s cotton wick is burned.

If one of those statements is true, it’s time to discard your coil. Otherwise, the situation is much the same as the “dirty pan” scenario described above. If you clean a coil as soon as residue begins to form on it, you can continue using the coil almost indefinitely – and if you clean it properly, you’ll continue to enjoy that “new coil flavor” every time you use it. Every time you clean a vape coil instead of replacing it, you’re saving about $2-3. Over the course of a year, your total savings can easily amount to hundreds of dollars.

How to Clean a Vape Coil or Atomizer

If you want to start cleaning your vape coils, the first thing you should know is that the easiest way by far is to get a machine that does the work for you. ROBO2020 is an automatic vape coil cleaner that uses gentle heat and a bit of water to clean and dry your coils in about 30 minutes. Coils come out of ROBO2020 ready to use immediately. ROBO2020 does a much more thorough job of cleaning your coils that you could possibly do on your own, and it’s inexpensive enough that it’ll pay for itself after you’ve used it to clean just a few batches of coils. If you’d rather try to clean your coils and atomizers the old-fashioned way, collect a few dirty coils and place them in a bowl of very hot water. Swish the coils around periodically until the water is cool. At this point, you’ll probably see that the water is discolored or that there are dark flecks floating in it. That’s a good thing. Pour the water out and replace it with fresh, hot water. Continue this process until the water remains clear. At this point, you can remove the coils from the water. Leave the coils out to dry for about