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Australia’s Leading E-Cig Brand – Vaper Empire

A good friend of mine recently introduced me to Vaper Empire, one of the leading premium e-cigarette brands in Australia and New Zealand, and I can see why. She started off with their cig-a-like starter kit (see below), but recently upgraded to the ‘Vibe’ which I had a quick blast of. I was impressed enough to feel they deserve further investigation and inclusion on this site.

Firstly, some background – they’ve been in business since 2012 and during those 7 years have built a solid reputation amongst new-comers to vaping. They ship to Australia & New Zealand and are one of only a handful of Oz based retailers shipping nicotine strength e-liquids. Due to their corporate structure, Australians can legally import their nicotine e-liquids for personal use and all it takes is a quick order placed through their online store. My friend told me shipping was fast – just 4 days to Melbourne. Checking the site I see the price is $17.95 (AUS) for 3-5 day delivery by DHL.

Starter Kits

Vaper Empire’s kits are great for beginners all the way up to the avid vaper who enjoys a no-fuss vaping experience. All kits come with everything you’ll need to get started and unlike some of the more complex vapes on the market, these devices are cleverly designed to be extremely easy to use. They currently offer 6 types of devices, with each model available in a basic or ‘Deluxe’ version with added accessories and ejuice.

Vaper Empire

The V-Pack II, a cig-a-like style device is popular with smokers just making the switch from tobacco due to its ease of use. I’d strongly recommend this kit for new users looking for a realistic substitute to traditional cigarettes. The self-charging carry case is simply awesome! It contains a larger 1200mAh battery, allowing you to recharge each battery on the move and continue vaping wherever you may be. It looks the business too!

Vaper Empire

On the other end of the scale the Vibe Starter kit provides a stronger “throat hit” and increased vapour production. With a large 4.5 ml tank and powerful 2000 mAh battery it’s ideal for experienced vapers, producing an exceptional vape. At $119.99 (AUD) it’s a reasonably priced ecig considering the premium quality and you do get a lot of bang-for-your-buck with a range of features that set it apart from the rest. I would definitely suggest you go for the deluxe starter kit. For just a fraction more, you’ll get a choice of 3 x 10ml Classic juice flavours and 1 x 10ml bottle of their hand crafted Artisan juices.

They also carry some vape pens, like the V-Twist, that provide an e-cig experience somewhere between what the Vibe and V-Pack offer. They’re a little more compact than the Vibe and a bit larger than the V-Pack II, but they boast compelling features like adjustable airflow and variable voltage.

Between all the different electronic cigarettes that they offer, there’s a kit for every Aussie vaper. Whatever the preference, Vaper Empire has an easy to use vape kit that fits the bill.


Vaper Empire

I’ve struggled to find a decent brand of vape juice here in Australia that isn’t for the sub-ohm market, so Vaper Empire’s e-liquids are what really intrigued me. So I bit-the-bullet and ordered a value pack of 6 ‘Artisan’ eliquids for $74.75 ($12.46 per bottle). While they are a bit more expensive than other brands, for the quality of the vape, it’s worth that little bit extra. Especially as you’re getting nicotine shipped to Australia. Of the six I ordered, my faves were Old Port, Spring in Siberia and Berry Chill. All delivered a nice balance of throat hit (I was vaping the 6mg), vapour cloud and flavour.

Currently their range offers 16 artisan flavours and 17 in the Classic range. They’re also one of the few brands offering the larger 30ml size bottles available for $29.95. At the time of writing these were only available in the Classic Range.

Some of their e juice flavours, like Ragtime Raconteur and Salvador’s Siesta, boast distinct flavour combinations that you won’t see anywhere else. They’re uniquely different and incredibly tasty, which is a nice change of pace if you’re tired of the same old flavours and want to try something new.


Overall, Vaper Empire exceeded all of my expectations and I’m not sure how I managed to miss them for so long. I would confidently recommend the V-Pack II Starter Kit for anyone coming to vape for the first time, while The Vibe gives the more experienced user a device that is simple to use but packs a punch. With fast, and relatively cheap shipping they should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for nicotine strength e-liquids and live in Australia or NZ.

Checkout their website:

Classic Vape Juice in 30ml From Vaper Empire