How to Save Money on E-Liquid: 5 Simple Tips

Are you stocking up on Element e liquid for the third time this month and beginning to realize that you’re spending just a bit too much on vape juice? For many vapers, e-liquid is a recurring expense that just seems to creep higher and higher the longer you vape. You might think that you’re still spending less than you would if you were a cigarette smoker – and in some places, the prices for cigarettes are so high that you might actually still be saving money – but you’re probably not saving as much as you did when you first started vaping.

That’s just the way things go for most vapers. Vaping equipment has only gotten more powerful over the years, and if you love vaping, you’ll want to experience the bigger clouds that the new devices provide. With each new generation of vaping hardware, you find yourself using more e-liquid than ever – and suddenly, you look at your bank account and realize that you’re no longer comfortable with the amount of money that you’re spending on e-liquid.

Well, it’s time to cut your vaping expenses. Although it’s possible to save an incredible amount of money on e-liquid by changing your vaping style – something that we’ll discuss in this article – you can also spend less on vape juice just by being a little more creative about how and when you buy. We’ll discuss those techniques as well. Are you ready to save money on e-liquid? Let’s begin.

Add Nicotine-Free E-Liquid to Your Vaping Routine

If you use e-liquid with nicotine – and almost every vaper does – there’s a good chance that you’re aware of nicotine-free e-liquid but basically ignore it because it isn’t something you have any intention of ever using. You might be surprised by how your preferences change in the future. Most people who use nicotine-free e-liquid actually were nicotine users until they decided to start cutting back. Even if you don’t end up doing that, though, nicotine-free e-liquid can still be useful to you.

Have you ever checked the clearance section at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar vape shop? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that the 0 mg nicotine strength is always the first to go on sale. What you might not have realized, though, is that you can take advantage of those sales by using nicotine-free e-liquid as a mixer. Just mix a bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid with another bottle at double your usual strength. That’ll give you your normal nicotine strength, and you’ll pay less for it.

Be Ready for Major Sales When They Happen

Every once in a while, a vape shop will have an enormous sale on a specific e-liquid brand or flavor. These sales usually offer extremely steep discounts, and they happen for a variety of reasons.

  • A stock of e-liquid is nearing its best-by date.
  • An e-liquid brand is going out of business.
  • The name of a product is changing.
  • An e-liquid brand is changing its packaging.

In all of these cases, vape shops need to clear out their existing stocks as quickly as possible, and they’ll do that by offering huge sales. To take advantage of those sales, you need to find out about them – and to do that, you should always join your favorite vape shops’ mailing lists. You should always keep a bit of money in your vaping budget for stocking up when a vape shop announces a surprise sale.

Try a Lower-Power Vaping Device

The easiest way to save money on e-liquid is by buying less e-liquid. If you’re completely satisfied with your current nicotine intake and don’t want to reduce it, that statement might seem illogical on the surface. Have you considered the fact, though, that you can reduce your nicotine intake without compromising satisfaction by using an e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength?

Pod systems have become extremely popular in the vaping community over the past few years for a good reason: They provide an excellent vaping experience. If you want to spend less money on e-liquid, buying a pod system is something that you should seriously consider. Using a lower-output vaping device will mean that you’ll use less e-liquid, and that will drastically cut your expenses.

Switch to Unsweetened E-Liquid

If you don’t want to change your nicotine strength or your vaping equipment, another easy way to save money on e-liquid is by buying vape juice that doesn’t send your coils to an early grave. Sweetened e-liquid causes coil gunk, and coil gunk is what causes you to throw your coils away after using them for just a day or two. Unsweetened e-liquid may cost a little more up front, but it can drastically reduce your overall vaping expenses by allowing you to use your coils for several days – maybe even weeks – before they finally give out.

Clean and Reuse Your Vape Coils

Do you love your sweetened e-liquid too much to give it up? You’re not alone. Everyone loves sweet flavors, and that’s why almost all of the most popular e-liquids on the market are heavily sweetened. There is, however, an alternative to throwing your coils away after just a day or two of use. Those coils might be covered with black gunk, but under the gunk, there’s nothing wrong with the coils themselves. The cotton still wicks the e-liquid efficiently, and the heating surface still lights up when you press your mod’s fire button. If you can just remove the gunk, you’ll have a coil that performs almost as well as a new coil – and to do that, you need to clean your coil.

The easiest and fastest way to clean a gunky vape coil is with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. To do that, all that you need to do is place some gunky coils in the cleaner with a bit of water and turn the cleaner on. The cleaner emits high-frequency vibrations that shake the gunk off of the coils, revealing the clean white metal underneath. If you really want to slash your vaping expenses, an ultrasonic cleaner is something that you absolutely must own.