Electronic Cigarettes Delivered To Sydney

I have been able to order e-cigarettes directly from the USA and sent to Australia and the shipment arrives in about 10 business days. That is pretty good. If you order less than a $1000 bucks worth then you don’t pay any customs duties either. You can get free delivery if you order enough but if you want to speed it up you have a number of options to upgrade the postage category.

deliveryYou don’t need to sign for them unless you opt for registered express delivery (which can be a bit expensive, and is only worth doing if you are going for a big order)

I usually get a months worth at a time and I am also ok to upgrade from the free delivery options and pay about $20 to get them a bit faster. The package isn’t so big so it fits in my mailbox if I leave it unlocked so the delivery guy can just leave it inside.

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Or see our page for updates on delivery to each of the main cities in Australia

e cigarettes delivered to Melbourne

e cigarettes delivered to Perth

e cigarettes delivered to Brisbane


If you are wondering whether it is allowed have a look here http://www.tga.gov.au/consumers/ecigarettes.htm#.U08sR_mSy2g

basically, what is says is you cannot import e cigarettes to RESELL them in Australia. You therefore just have to buy about three months worth and you are ok. Personal usage.

Also, you want to keep your order under $1,000 so you don’t pay customs duty. So there you go. You can buy online overseas (the USA I would suggest) and do it perfectly legally.

All the e cigs reviewed at my site deliver to Australia and are very reliable in terms of getting the electronic cigarettes to you in about 10 business days. I have never had an order not arrive and I have been using them since 2012…